Our Approach

More and more organisations are using OKRs to implement strategy and drive continuous improvement. But OKRs require new ways of thinking and operating, and entering new territory can be daunting (and risky) if you don’t have a roadmap.

Our structured OKR coaching package de-risks OKR implementation by providing a roadmap and regular guidance that moves organisations from thinking about OKRs to successful implementation. Our OKR implementation approach involves three phases, and our coaching package provides support and guidance across each phase. Here’s how it works.

Phase 1 – Establish your OKR parameters.

In this phase we help businesses map out the scale and structure of their initial OKR implementation by guiding them through the process of setting ten deployment parameters. This ensures everyone knows the ground rules before OKRs are rolled out in an organisation.

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Phase 2 – Train your people

In this phase we provide essential OKR training to all staff who will be involved in setting, monitoring or contributing to OKRs.

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Phase 3 – Implement, monitor, review and adjust

In this phase we coach and support organisations through their first two OKR cycles. Steps in this phase typically include:

OKR Cycle 1

  • Set the OKRs for the first OKR cycle

  • Load the OKRs into an OKR tracking system that everyone has access to. (We have relationships with several vendors of excellent OKR tracking software and can help organisations find and configure a system that meets their needs)

  • Monitor progress and facilitate regular check-ins to ensure everything stays on track

  • Facilitate mid-cycle reviews

  • Facilitate an end-of-cycle retrospective/reset

OKR Cycle 2

  • Repeat Cycle 1 steps

After two full OKR cycles, our aim is to step aside confident that using an OKR framework is now an imbedded process that organisations can manage without ongoing external support. But we will always remain available to provide extra support if it's needed.

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