Train your people

We offer two types of OKR training workshops:

  1. a senior leadership team workshop

  2. a team-level workshop.

The first part of each workshop lays the groundwork by covering the following topics:

  • Why is our organisation adopting OKRs and why now?

  • OKR theory and best practice

  • How OKRs will be adopted in our organisation (the 10 key parameters)

Once the groundwork is established, team members apply the theory to:

  • develop draft team objectives

  • develop draft KRs for each objective

  • check how these align with top level objectives (for divisional, functional, or cross functional teams)

  • refine and confirm proposed OKRs for the first OKR cycle

At the end of each workshop all participants should have a clear understanding of what OKRs are (and are not), why their organisation is adopting them, how OKRs will be applied in their organisation, and they will have developed the first set of OKRs that their team will be working towards in the initial OKR cycle.